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Caron O’Rourke is a British sculptor who is fascinated by natural forms, human relationships and negative spaces; since immigrating to southern Spain in 2008 the local geology has also informed her current work and provides many of the natural materials for her sculptures.

The curvaceous sculptures are in response to the internal spaces found through meditation and her observation of the physical world; the work captures the journey of air and light that moves within all things as they carve and alter the forms of our geology and alter her physical and spiritual journey.

Caron's art practice includes stone carving and ceramics in which she uses a variety of materials including limestone, marble, serpentine and clay; the artwork can be displayed and enjoyed in interior or exterior spaces. Caron has run her own studio for over 30 years, her unique sculptures are in both private and public collections throughout the world including Moorfield's Eye Hospital and St. Georges Hospital in the UK

As a professional and practising artist Caron also offers specialist courses throughout the year at her studio which is located in the rural village of Los Encebras, Pinoso, Alicante. Artists and art educators are welcome to her studio to exchange their knowledge and continue their own professional development. Caron's studio has three, distinct areas so that she and fellow art enthusiasts can work in the shade throughout the year but still look out onto the surrounding almond, grape and olive terraces.

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Visitors are welcome to the studio by appointment.

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