Girasol Art Studio - Alicante, Spain 

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Caron has created Girasol Art Studio since emigrating to Spain in 2008, the quiet, traditional village of Les Encebras forms a superb backdrop to the studio which has three distinct areas where she is inspired to create artwork in stone and ceramics.

The central ceramics workshop is the starting point for most visitors to the studio although it is usual for people to wander between the three areas and the surrounding terraces to collect natural materials, inspirations or simply to chat. The spacious studio is well equipped with art materials, tools, Wi-Fi and a diverse collection of art books. It also houses four kilns for bisc, earthenware, stoneware, smoke and raku firings. Many of the raw materials for the glazes and pit firings are collected from the surrounding mountains; the natural stone, salt deposits and traditional agriculture have been the source of the regions financial wealth for many generations.

The southernly view from the shaded, stone carving area is the Sierra de la Taja; this wooded National Park greatly influenced the location of the studio as it is rich in stone, marble, natural oxides and of course the stunning views. The next mountain range; the Sierra del Reclot stand at 900mtrs and runs alongside the area of Monte Coto which is the source of the cream marble used at Girasol Art Studio. The L'Almorqui limestone was formed 120 million years ago just 3kms east of the studio, the warm pale ochre tones show the mixture of limestone and sandstone deposits over its formation.

If you have extra time during your course at the studio or have friends and family who want to explore the area further, wrapped around the studio you can also discover the GR7 hill walking and mountain bike routes, some of these are not for the faint hearted as they are classed as high/expert routes. Luckily, also from Les Encebras you can walk or cycle sedately on the less difficult routes through the surrounding terraces and traditional village.

Visitors are welcome to the studio by appointment.

To buy unique artwork, arrange your own commission or book onto one of the courses contact Caron directly:

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More information is available on the Courses link.



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