Weekly Pottery Classes at Girasol Art Studio - Alicante, Spain


Weekly Pottery Classes are available throughout the year on Thursdays and Fridays, 10am - 1pm

This pottery class is suitable for either the complete beginner or experienced potters who want to extend their skills in the company of fellow art enthusiasts. These  classes will guide you through the whole process of hand-building; through demonstrations and practical experience you will explore pottery and firing techniques to develop your own ideas and enjoyment of ceramics. If you prefer you can follow Caron's projects to guide you through each technique.

The spacious studio and outdoor raku kiln areas allow you to enjoy the fantastic scenery while you create your ceramics. Your tutor Caron O'Rourke is an experienced sculptor with 30yrs experience of pottery and leading art courses for adults, in her classes you will receive sound tuition and have fun throughout the year; there are limited places in each class so that you will receive plenty of individual guidance and have time to get to know Caron and your fellow art enthusiasts.  

The class is very flexible to allow everyone to work at their own pace and enjoy the whole experience. The first class will cover hand building, slip decoration and markmaking exploring textures; your pottery will then be bisque fired in preparation for further decoration using underglazes, oxides and glazes. Caron will then fire your pottery to earthenware temperature. Throughout the year it is also possible to experiment with the diverse finishes of stoneware, raku, smoke firing and lusture firings.


Over the course you will explore the following ceramic techniques:

  • Developing your ideas from drawings or photos
  • Hand building - clay modelling, thumb-pots, coiling, extruding and slab building.
  • Surface decoration techniques,
  • Using slip, oxides and glazes to achieve a wide range of finishes
  • Explore firing techniques using test tiles or your own bisque fired work


Each 3hr. pottery class costs 18€ Weekly classes include: Tuition, pottery tools, individual and group discussions on techniques and refreshments. We recommend approximately 6 classes to explore a wide range of techniques and discover your own style of pottery. Clay can be purchased in 6 or 12kgs bags (8 or 16Euros) and kiln firing costs are from 3Euros/kg. to allow you to work at your prefered scale and speed.  

What to bring

  • Apron or overalls
  • Note book / sketch pad
  • Camera
  • Cardboard / plastic box & packing materials to protect your work on your way home
  • We have a good stock of pottery tools but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Travel Information

All the classes are held at Caron's private studio in Les Encebras, Pinoso, Alicante with easy access off the CV83 Pinoso to Monovar road, here is plenty of free, car parking available. Girasol Art Studio is located at Calle Collado, 100, Les Enzebres, Pinoso, 03650 Alicante. GPS 3823'33.2"N 059'07.6"W

To buy unique artwork, arrange your own commission or book onto one of the courses contact Caron directly:

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