Stone Carving Workshops in the Spanish Sunshine


These workshops allow you to develop your art skills in a friendly atmosphere in the beautiful Valencia countryside. Through demonstrations, discussions and practical experience you will be guided through the process of carving your own stone sculpture. The local L'Amorqui stone is great to carve and has a soft, white finish; you will be able to develop your carving techniques quickly in this relatively soft limestone.

Caron O'Rourke is an experienced tutor and sculptor, you can expect sound tuition and good fun throughout the course; limited places on each course so that you will receive plenty of individual guidance and have time to get to know your fellow art enthusiasts. These workshop are suitable for the complete beginner or experienced artists who want to extend their skills in a new media. The shaded carving areas allows you to enjoy the fantastic scenery while you create your sculptures.

Stone Carving Workshops 

Courses Run Throughout the Year Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 10am - 1pm

If you have ideas for your carving, please bring drawings or photographs to help you to make the most of the workshop. Caron is happy to suggest subjects for your carving and there are many sculpture and art reference books available to help you develop your own ideas.  The course is very flexible to allow everyone to work at their own pace and enjoy this experience.

Over the course you will have instruction in the following stone carving techniques:

  • Developing your ideas from sketches, magazine cuttings or photographs
  • Selecting your stone which comes from the local L'Almorqui quarry
  • Blocking out the basic shape using hand or power tools
  • Hand carving techniques using a range of chisels to explore mark making
  • Exploring finishing techniques using hand or power tools


Each 3hr. workshop costs 15€

Weekly Workshops will include: Tuition, stone, tools, individual and group discussions on techniques, coffee/ tea and refreshments. We recommend approximately six mornings to create a sizable, unique carving for your home or garden.  

There are limited places available on each course to ensure that you receive plenty of individual guidance and have time to get to know your fellow art enthusiasts.

What to bring

  • Apron or overalls
  • Gloves
  • Note book / sketch pad
  • Camera
  • Cardboard / plastic box & packing materials to protect your work on your way home

We have a good stock of carving tools but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer

Travel Information

Encebras is located 6kms east of Pinoso, with easy  access off the CV83 Pinoso to Monovar. Casa de Girasol studio is located 200meters after the Encebras water fountain on the main camino. Plenty of car parking available

To book courses, request further information or contact Caron:

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