Fine Art Exploration - (Mon - Fri)


This varied course offers you great flexibility to explore a wide range of art techniques, indulge your creative mind and meet like-minded people within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Over the five days you will develop new art skills in stone carving, ceramics and raku firing techniques. The days are arranged to give you ample opportunity to try new techniques and allow time for ceramic artwork to be fired and glazed within the week. The course also includes flexibility to give you time to refine your art skills with additional tuition as required or explore the surrounding areas; this could consist of health & beauty pampering, wine bodega visits, yoga, hill walking, cycling, sightseeing or simply relaxing by the pool.

These courses are arranged throughout the year; there are a maximum of six people on each course so you will have plenty of one to one attention and of space to work. Caron O'Rourke is an experienced sculptor and tutor; you can expect sound tuition and good fun in the beautiful Spanish countryside.

Day 1 - Ceramic Workshop

  • Welcome to the studio
  • Developing your ideas, discuss preffered styles
  • Ceramics - Hand building for raku and smoke firings
  • After Lunch - Glaze techniques using bisc fired test tiles

Day 2 - Firing Workshop - Ceramic decoration techniques .

  • Explore raku and smoke firing techniques
  • Naked Raku glaze techniques using resist slip and smoke
  • Using glazes & oxides to achieve a wide range of finishes
  • Smoke firing with slow & fast firing fuels
  • After Lunch - Experiment with ceramics surface decoration
  • Drying and bisc firing of work created during day 1 & 2

Day 3 - Stone Carving

  • Create a clay model of stone carving idea if required
  • Demonstration of hand and power tools
  • Blocking out initial form
  • After Lunch - Developing your stone sculpture
  • Cleaning and reviewing of fired ceramics

Day 4 - Bisc Firing of New Work & Raku Firings.

  • Explore firing techniques using bisque fired tiles
  • Smoke firing with slow & fast firing fuels
  • Using glazes & oxides to achieve a wide range of finishes
  • Naked Raku glaze techniques using resist slip and smoke
  • Flexible Afternoon - Stone carving, Drawing, Health & Beauty Pampering, Yoga, Cycling, Hill Walking or Personal Gallery Visit.
  • As soon as your work is cool enough from the bisc kiln we will review the new work, make comparisons with previous firing experiments and then glaze the work in preparation for the final kiln firings.

Day 5 - Smoke & Raku Firing

  • Explore firing techniques using bisque fired work created in Spain
  • Smoke firing with slow & fast firing fuels
  • Using glazes & oxides to achieve a wide range of finishes
  • Naked Raku glaze techniques using resist slip and smoke
  • Gather with fellow artists and new friends to review your artwork created during the workshops, discuss plans for future developments and celebrate a great week.
  • Packing work for transport home


Cost for this workshop is 400&euro Advance booking and payment is essential as numbers are strictly limited.To book your place, click on the specific workshop details and complete the Workshop Booking Form which can be found at the bottom of the course details page.

Workshop will include: Tuition, materials, tools, individual and group discussions on techniques, coffee/ tea and a daily vegetarian lunch.

To book courses, request further information or contact Caron:

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Travel Information

Encebras is located in the mountainous border region of Murcia and Valencia in southern Spain; direct flight are available from most European airports to Alicante and Murcia, the travel times from airport to studio are 50mins or 1hr15mins. Information on airport transfers, accomodation and directions to the studio can be provided.


A wide range of accommodation is available within the village and the local area. If you do not have a car but wish to stay within the local region transport can be provided between the studio and your accommodation each day.

Transporting your Artwork Home

Pots and sculptures can be transported home in your normal luggage allowance but there are restrictions on size and weight, please check with your airline before travelling.

Alternative workshops

Other dates and course combinations can be structured to suit family parties and can include visits to the local museums and historical cities or hill walks around the regions to collect inspiration for your work. Day events and evening lectures are also offered to art groups and colleges by arrangement.

As an alternative to the art courses friends of visiting artists can enjoy a diverse range of activities to help them enjoy the riches of Inland Spain; this could include the hill walking and mountain bike routes around Encebras which vary from the 3km walking route in the Sierra del Reclot to the GR7 mountain bike route which is classed as high/expert difficulty rating. Local bike hire is available. More relaxed persuits could include visiting wine bodegas, yoga or health & beauty pampering. The area is rich is traditional cuisine which incorporates the Moores, Christian and Spanish influences. Many surrounding towns exhibit Roman and Pre-Historic artefacts of superb quality.

What to bring

  • Initial ideas
  • Apron or overalls, covered shoes
  • Camera
  • We have a good stock of tools but you are welcome to bring your favourite tools
  • Packing materials to protect your work on your way home can be sourced locally

To book courses, request further information or contact Caron:

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